Areas to Focus on During Survey Preparation

1. Patient Care: care planning, referral, transfer, discharge, medication monitoring, orders, documentation.

2. Infection Control: universal precautions, biohazardous waste and disposal, reportable diseases, TB skin tests, hepatitis B. Waivers, surveillance of patient and employee infections.

3. Safety: incident reporting, safety hazards, home safety, fire safety, emergency preparedness.

4. Human Resources: personnel records, references, hiring practices, evaluations, job descriptions, competency.

5. Ethics: billing practices, professional ethics in patient care, patient care issues, abuse and neglect.

6. Education: patient education issues, guidelines, hand-outs.

7. Leadership: financial planning, organizational goals, mission statement, organizational charts.

8. Information Management: medical records, retention, documentation.

9. Performance Improvement: monitoring activities, process improvement, identified problem areas, statistical analysis.

10. Equipment Management: calibration, tracking, maintenance, cleaning.

11. Law and Regulation: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta), Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Health Care Financing Administration, Department of Transportation, and Food & Drug Administration (all in Washington, DC).


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