Financial and Management Questions to Ask During Survey Preparation

1. How do you determine the needs of your patients?

* 2. What resources do you supply your employees to provide and support care and services?

* 3. How do you determine the learning needs of your staff?

* 4. Describe your ongoing educational and staff development programs.

* 5. Describe your employee orientation program.

* 6. How are you involved in the Performance Improvement Program?

* 7. How did you decide what to monitor through Performance Improvement?

* 8. How did you decide what resources are necessary to support Performance Improvement?

9. Have you added or subtracted any new services in the last 12 months? How did you determine this need?

* 10. Do you maintain an annual operating budget?

* 11. Explain the budgeting process.

12. Who is involved in the budgeting process?

* 13. What data is used to determine budgeting needs?

14. Have you established goals for your organization? What are these goals?

* 15. What do you do if a key staff member terminates or is otherwise unavailable for work for an extended period of time?

* 16. Who is in charge if you are absent?

* 17. Do you have policies and procedures that address financial planning?

18. What is the involvement of the governing body as it applies to organizational planning?

* 19. Where do you see your organization in two years?

Note: Asterisked questions have been asked during a recent survey of a Healthcare Accreditation Consultants client.

Source: Healthcare Accreditation Consultants, Spring Hill, TN.