AHIMA develops HIM master’s curriculum

The Chicago-based American Health Information Management Association’s (AHIMA) new HIM master’s curriculum should give health information management (HIM) professionals access to education programs designed specifically for advancement in practice.

"The curriculum is designed to prepare HIM professionals for a variety of career opportunities and help them identify and establish new roles and pathways as they progress," says association education and certification vice president, Merida L. Johns, PhD, RRA.

Preparing for multiple roles

Developed by AHIMA’s curriculum model work group, the curriculum addresses advances in information technology, changes in the health care marketplace that have an impact on business operations and patient care, and increases in the demand for HIM practitioners who have competencies in both information management and computer applications.

According to Johns, the curriculum is designed to prepare HIM professionals for several roles, including:

    • executive health information manager;
    • medical language and classification expert;
    • data quality improvement expert;
    • information security expert;
    • information resource planner;
    • data analyst/research specialist;
    • information systems user liaison;
    • project manager.

AHIMA is in the process of disseminating the curriculum to the nation’s universities.

"We expect that within the next five or so years, several HIM master’s programs will be in place," Johns says. "Our goal is to make master’s education available to as many HIM practitioners as possible."