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Health Web site expands with HIV/AIDS section

The Internet Web site of Orlando, FL-based America’s Health Network, located at www.ahn.com, recently added an HIV/AIDS Health Center, which will have up-to-date video and text resources.

The Web site also has expanded its HIV/AIDS section to its HealthWave Internet search engine, located at www.healthwave.com.

The new health center has a video library of answers to AIDS-related questions from "Ask the Family Doctor," by Walt Larimore, MD. The center, which has medical information that’s geared toward consumers, also will include articles on HIV testing, prevention, and clinical trials. Additional features are a health quiz, chat lines, and a community message board.

Court refuses HIV-infected mother custody of baby

An HIV-infected Oregon woman lost her battle to regain custody of her 4-month-old son after she insisted she should be allowed to breast-feed the infant.

The court heard medical expert testimony that breast-feeding carries a greater transmission risk than sexual intercourse, according to April 20 articles by the Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press, and the Portland Oregonian.

The woman reportedly had been stockpiling breast milk while waiting for the court’s decision. She told Juvenile Court Judge Maurice Merten that she loved her child and only wanted what was best for him, and she presented one witness, a California biochemist, who testified that she could breast-feed her baby without transmitting the virus.

Merten ruled that the baby may continue to live with Tyson, but she cannot breast-feed him, and a caseworker from Oregon’s Office for Services to Children will visit the family and make sure Tyson complies with the decision.