PFC scores at Sioux Valley

Patient Satisfaction — At Sioux Valley Hospital & University Medical Center, improvement was noted in individual questions about topics such as phlebotomy done by nursing staff, courtesy of staff, and room comfort. Patients also noted a reluctance to transfer to other units when asked, and were familiar with the names of their caregivers, including non-professional staff.

Staff Satisfaction — The overall scores improved by 9%, with significant increases in team collaboration (21%), pride in work (15%), and ability to plan patient care (8%).

Physician Satisfaction — Increases in individual areas included availability of medical records (6%), timely completion of X-rays (32%), and other lab tests (7%). The physicians also noted the increased collaboration and teamwork among staff (11%).

System Improvements – The first year of operation showed increased efficiency and a drop in length of stay of almost a full day from 3.37 days to 2.51 days. Laundry costs per patient day decreased by 19 cents down to 35 cents, and missing charges decreased from 80 cents per patient day to 25 cents.

Quality Improvements — There was a decrease in medication errors due to the inclusion of a pharmacist on the unit most days. Infection rates also decreased on the PFC units. And several common duties, such as chest X-rays, had a significant reduction in the number of steps needed for completion. Other benefits included faster lab results.