Drug Utilization Review 1999 Index

Clinical pharmacy

New co-infection TB guidelines blast short-course, twice-weekly regimen, JAN:1

Is albumin-furosemide combo on the menu? JAN:10

Add tight lipid control to diabetes playbook, JAN:15

Studies boost hope for osteoporosis treatment, FEB:30

Somatostatin or Sandostatin? MAR:46

Beta-blockers rediscovered, gain primary role in cardiology, APR:49

Statewide stroke project achieves dramatic improvements in warfarin use, JUNE:81

Pharmacogenomics: Gene maps could offer direction for treatment, JULY:97

Seeing opportunities in specialization, pharmacists are turning to oncology, AUG:113

Inflammation not the main suspect in osteoarthritis, SEPT:133

RALES study brings good news about spironolactane, OCT:159

CHF drug therapy getting more complicated, OCT:161

Pharmacist interventions reduce drug errors by 66%, NOV:168

AHA, ACC update AMI guidelines, DEC:179

Medication use evaluations

Phenytoin monitoring in long-term care, JAN:5

Glucosamine sulfate for oesteoarthritis, JAN:7

Programming an automated system for wholesale orders, FEB:21

Assessment of empiric antimicrobial use in limiting resistance, FEB:24

Treating neuroleptic malignant syndrome, MAR:37

Preventing errors with antineoplastic agents, APR:53

Standardized insulin sliding scale, MAY:69

Cholestin used to treat hypercholesterolemia, MAY:71

Computer-generated medication profile review as replacement for automatic stop orders, JUNE:85

Quality assurance program monitors warfarin use, JUNE:88

Pharmacist review of discharge medication, JULY:101

Managing a primary-care dermatology clinic, JULY:105

Cardiology heparin dosing protocols, AUG:119

Thrombolytic therapy for acute MI, SEPT:137

Concomitant use of anxiolytic or sedative-hypnotic agents with SSRIs, OCT(suppl):1

Development, outcomes of ambulatory clinic for H. pylori, NOV(suppl):1

Whole-blood prothrombin time monitors, NOV(suppl):4

Assessing piperacillin/ tazobactam, DEC(suppl):1

COX-2 inhibitors, a review of prostaglandin pathway, DEC(suppl):3


Study: Albumin or PPF treatment can be deadly, JAN:11

New use for ipratropium: Pediatric emergencies, JAN:14

Sucrose suspected in cases of IVIG-associated renal failure, FEB:29

HIV research highlights conference on infections, MAY:79

ISMP issues error alert on new COX 2 inhibitor, JULY:100

INR superior to unadjusted PT in warfarin therapy, JULY:107

A drug for all addictions: Can science find the panacea addicts can't? OCT:149

Alcoholism: Newer drugs advancing treatment goals, OCT:152

Gender-specific health care new but growing, DEC:176

Significant drug-drug interactions with cisapride (Propulsid), DEC(suppl):8

Pharmacy practice

Pharmacy organizations merge on credentialing, JAN:4

Universal issues lead to pharmacist burnout, JAN:13

Coalition's white paper offers blueprint for pharmacy automation, FEB:17

Use technology to aid your compliance efforts, FEB:19

A day in the life of a clinical pharmacist, MAR:33

States seeking pharmacist reimbursement system, APR:61

PBM satisfaction up slightly, survey shows, APR:62

Is alternative medicine poised for hospital formularies? MAY:65

Computer systems fail to spot harmful interactions, MAY:79

Millennium resources, JUNE:93

IVIG shortage continues, JULY:110

New technology sparks confidentiality debate, AUG:117

Oversight plays catch-up to Internet pharmacy, AUG:127

Exterminating Y2K bugs: Contingency plan a must, SEPT:146

Hold the phone! Will tomorrow's telepharmacy be too complicated? NOV:165

Medication errors: selling the systems approach, DEC:173

Pharmacist counseling of at-risk Medicare patients, DEC:178

On-line giants merging, DEC(suppl):7

Regulation and accreditation

Viagra label warnings strengthened due to deaths, FEB:31

ISMP, FDA launch labeling education programs, MAY:78

FDA reprimands drug companies for ads, JUNE:84

New HEDIS measures, JUNE:94

Pharmacists hail OTC labeling inclusion, JUNE:95

FDA mandates trials in off-label regulations, JULY:100

HCFA reverses Medicaid ruling on serostim, JULY:109

Will pharmacy regulations be based on outcomes, JULY:109

Troglitazone to remain on shelves for now, AUG:116

Lisinopril: FDA considers approving higher doses, NOV:171