In the Pipeline

The following drugs are still in clinical trials:

- Antiangiogenesis therapy Endostatin by EntreMed, Inc. Following submission of an Investigational New Drug Application in June, the FDA has approved clinical trials for the drug, one of an emerging class of protein-derived therapies aimed at inhibiting the growth of blood vessels in cancerous tumors. Phase I trials are scheduled at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General, and at the universities of Texas and Wisconsin.

- Ovarian cancer investigative treatment yttrium 90 radiolabeled CEA-Cide by Immunomedics, Inc. The FDA has granted orphan drug status to the drug as clinical trials begin. The monoclonal antibody is formulated to treat carcinoembryonic antigen expressed in solid tumors. The drug is currently in trials involving colorectal, pancreatic, and thyroid cancers.

- Epstein-Barr virus vaccine EBV by Aviron/ Smithkline Beecham. Phase I trials have been completed for the IM injectable single surface antigen testing the safety of immunogenicity in 67 subjects. The trial showed high safety and tolerability levels in patients regardless of prior exposure.

- Stem cell transplant antirejection treatment T cell-HDM by Eligix. The FDA has approved Phase III trials for the drug, which is formulated to block the development of graft vs. host disease (GvHD) arising after leukocyte infusion. The drug works by depleting immune T cells causing GvHD. The treatment is planned for use in conjunction with donor leukocyte infusion procedures that induce remission in cases of leukemias and related hematologic malignancies after previous failure on chemotherapy or alpha interferon.