Briefly Noted

Home Care PPS Compute is a new, Excel-based spreadsheet software designed to teach proposed prospective payment system regualtions. Cost is $125. For more information, contact W.D. Cabin & Associates at (973) 263-2017.

Physical therapists who work in home health continue to face job loss, salary cuts, and reductions in practice hours, according to a new survey by the American Physical Therapy Association. About 3.2% of the respondents said they were unemployed and looking for work, a slight rise from last year’s 3%. Nearly half the respondents in home health (48.8%) said their salaries had dropped.

A new study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows physical and emotional problems are prevelent among family members who care for sick family at home. The elderly caring for a sick spouse increase their risk of dying by 63%.

Computers Unlimited has developed a PC-based data analysis and reporting software that enables users to bypass unwanted data and get to specific business information. TIMS Diver allows healthcare providers to filter data by patient, insurance company, primary or secondary payor, and other categories. For more information, call (406) 255-9500.