Physician’s Coding Strategist

Coding assessment offered

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) in Chicago has developed a web-based program with the educational coding needs of health care organizations in mind.

"Coding Assessment and Training Solutions" provides an opportunity for organizations and coders to assess coding skills and knowledge, and to keep abreast of the latest coding practices and policies. The program allows organizations to validate the coding skills of staff members, and to discover where improvement is needed.

The initial phase of the interactive program addresses the area of assessment. This portion provides resources to assess and validate individual coding skills and identify areas requiring improvement. The results of the testing allow organizations to assess their need for ongoing and future coding training.

After assessing knowledge in such areas as coding principles, coding guidelines, document analysis, problem solving, and data management skills, training needs may be outlined. The online training materials include instructional information, exercises and actual case applications.

Training includes coursework in up to 19 different specialty areas. Online access and self-administration will allow users to learn at their own pace, dependent on initiatives and time available. All training allows users to accrue continuing education hours.

For more information about "Coding Assessment and Training Solutions," contact AHIMA at (312) 233-1158.