NANPRH: New address, membership offer

The National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Reproductive Health (NANPRH) has a new address, as well as an attractive membership offer for new nurse practitioners in the field of women's health.

The organization's headquarters are now located at 503 Capitol Court NE, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20002. The new telephone number is (202) 543-9693, and the fax is (202) 543-9858. The headquarters also house the American College of Nurse Practitioners.

New nurse practitioner graduates who will be providing care to women can take advantage of a free year's membership in the organization, made possible by a grant from Wyeth-Ayerst Labora tories of Philadelphia.

To obtain a complimentary membership to NANPRH, contact Wyndi Anderson using the information listed above, or you may contact her through the association's e-mail address, NANPRH@