MEDSTAT surveys evaluate health plans

Physicians, personnel benefits managers, and employees of many large corporations across the country received surveys in late May asking them to evaluate health plans with which they contract. The health plan evaluation project is being spearheaded by MEDSTAT Group, a health care information solution company in Ann Arbor, MI, in alliance with J.D. Power and Associates and the New England Medical Center. Results from the survey will be available later this year.

Six metropolitan markets have been selected for the initial MEDSTAT Quality Catalyst health care survey:

• Atlanta;

• New York;

• Memphis, TN;

• San Francisco;

• Detroit;

• Lansing, MI.

Thirty-nine plans, including managed care and traditional health plans, will be evaluated. Surveys focus on satisfaction, the care process, and outcomes measures. In four of the six regions, additional questions will focus on health plan management of asthma, diabetes, and low-back pain.