Iowa’s public- and private-sector purchasers combine forces to reshape health care system

The Foundation for Accountability (FACCT) survey in Iowa is sponsored by the Iowa Health Care Purchasers Collaborative, three purchasers that joined forces to reshape the local health care landscape. Collaborative members are the Iowa Medicaid program, the state’s personnel department, and the 30 self-insured employers that make up the Community Health Purchasing Cooperative.

The Collaborative’s Mission:

To stimulate the market to foster development of a coordinated, integrated, and innovative health-related program, focusing on health and well-being, in which providers, consumers and payors are educated in all components of health care; are empowered to improve performance; and are rewarded for positive behaviors affecting quality, costs, and outcome.

The Collaborative’s Principles:

• Private and public sectors will work together to seek solutions.

• Private and public sectors should become proactive purchasers.

• Payors should be able to respond to and embrace changing health care markets.

• Providers should be held accountable for quality, service, and cost.

• Consistent standards should be applied across the marketplace.

• Consumers should be encouraged to make responsible and informed health care choices.

• Access to health care in rural Iowa should be promoted and stabilized.

• Activity should be in sync with the state health policy as not to desecrate local health care systems.