New certification targets hospital CMs

The American Institute of Outcomes Case Management (AIOCM) in Whittier, CA, offers a case management accreditation program targeted to hospital-based case managers. AIOCM began certifying case managers early last year and has certified just over 200 case managers.

The exam is open to case managers from a variety of health care professions, including nurses, social workers, respiratory therapists, and pharmacists. It’s offered several times each year nationwide through seminars sponsored by Health Care Resource Group, also of Whittier, CA.

Eligibility is based on a scoring system that awards case managers points for professional experience, professional activities performed as part of the case manager’s job responsibilities, and education. The cost of the application is $50. The examination fee is $75. Annual membership in AIOCM also is $75. In addition, once certified, case managers must be recertified every two years at a cost of $50. Applicants who pass the AIOCM certification examination may use the letters "CMC" for "case manager certified" after their names in professional correspondence and on business cards.

AIOCM is not associated with the National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCM) in Colchester, CT, which developed and oversees the care manager certified examination; NAACM’s certified professionals also use the abbreviation "CMC." NACCM began certifying care managers in early 1996 and since has certified more than 300 care managers. (For further background on the NACCM exam, see Case Management Advisor, January 1995, pp. 12-13, and January 1997, pp. 1-6.)

[Editor’s note: For more on the AIOCM examination, contact: AIOCM, 12519 Lambert Road, Whittier, CA 90606. Telephone: (562) 945-9990. Fax: (562) 698-2339. For more on the NACCM examination, contact: NACCM, P.O. Box 669, 244 Upton Roaf, Colchester, CT 06415-0669. Telephone: (800) 962-2260 or (860) 537-6865.]