Bayer Institute for Health Care Communication, West Haven, CT. Vaughn Keller, Associate Director. Telephone: (800) 800-5907.

Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center/ Harvard Medical School, Boston. Lisa Iezzoni, MD, Professor of Medicine. Telephone: (617) 662-5871.

CAMcare Health Corp., Camden, NJ. Sharon Buttress, MD, Medical Director. Telephone: (609) 541-9811, ext. 270.

Group Health Cooperative, Madison, WI. J. Fred Brodsky, Primary Care Site Chief. Telephone: (608) 831-1766. E-mail:

Group Practice Improvement Network, Detroit. Beth Anctil, Executive Director. Telephone: (313) 874-4746.

HealthSystem Minnesota, Minneapolis. Linda Peitzman, Associate Medical Director. Telephone: (612) 993-8131. E-mail:

Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Boston. Marie Schall, Collaborative Director. Telephone: (617) 754-4800. E-mail:

Mayo Medical Center, Rochester, MN. Jill Swanson, MD, Pediatrics. Telephone: (507) 284-4466. E-mail:

The Permanente Medical Group, Sacramento (CA). Appointment and Advice Services. Mark Murray, MD, Clinical Director. Telephone: (916) 480-2459. E-mail: