Home DVT Treatment

A. Inclusion Criteria
1. Positive diagnosis of DVT by ultrasound or venography.

B. Exclusion Criteria
1. Contraindication to warfarin or heparin treatment.
2. Suspected pulmonary embolism.
3. Estimated creatinine clearance of less than 30 mL/min.
4. Liver failure.
5. Platelet count < 80,000.
6. Geographic inaccessibility.
7. Patient unwilling to be treated as an outpatient.
8. Unable to afford or lack of insurance coverage for enoxaparin.
9. Inability of patient or caregiver to administer medication.
10. Potential for medication noncompliance (i.e., mental confusion, inability to care for self, poor vision).
11. Weight exceeding 120 kg.
12. History of recurrent thrombosis on anticoagulation therapy.

C. Enoxaparin dose: 1mg/kg sc every 12 hours.

D. Begin warfarin 5mg on Day 1. Refer to warfarin guidelines for further dosing.

E. Continue both until INR is between 2-3 for two consecutive days, then discontinue enoxaparin.

Source: Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia.