Tech Update

• Convergent Communications (Portland, OR), an enterprise network carrier, has signed a $600,000 service agreement with for the development of a portal Web site that will target the long term care industry. The site will serve as a platform for Internet access, information gathering, sharing, and communication between care providers, vendors, and professionals in the long term care industry.

• Telemetrix (Denver) has signed a letter of intent with Tri-Corners Telecommunications to form a joint venture partnership that will market and deploy the Telemetrix T3000 System. The T3000, formerly known as Datatrak, provides Wireless Local Loop telephone service, as well as time-of-day and day-of-week automatic utility meter reading. The new system offers a suite of services, including automation for the home health industry. The definitive agreement between Telemetrix and Tri-Corners is expected to be signed by late September.

• Outcome Concept Systems (OCS; Seattle) has opened the first Internet OASIS benchmark database. The database, gathered from hundreds of home health agencies in OCS’ client base, includes six months of 1999 OASIS, outcomes, and utilization data. For more information, go to