Remotely programmable pump gains clearance

Minimed in Sylmar, CA, has developed an innovative insulin infusion pump that can be programmed to administer or suspend insulin delivery from a remote location. The pump also has the capability to program multiple patient-specific delivery patterns.

The pump includes a low-volume alert, an optional vibrate mode, and a child block feature to restrict programming. The Model 508 received 510(k) clearance from the FDA this past summer. The remote programming capability of the device enables patients to conveniently and discreetly program bolus insulin delivery without accessing the pump. It uses radio frequency telemetry with a small hand-held programmer. The pump stores up to three different basal rates of insulin delivery in its memory. This feature is particularly important to patients whose insulin needs vary due to schedule changes or lifestyle characteristics. The device stores 90 days’ worth of data, which may be downloaded to a personal computer to help physicians review their patients’ insulin requirements.