Source Kit

Michael H. Allen, MD, Denver Health Medical Center. Telephone: (303) 436-7777.

Carolyn St. Charles, St. Charles Consulting Group, Issaquah, WA. Telephone: (425) 557-8708.

William Golden, MD, president, American Health Quality Association, Washington, DC. Telephone: (202) 331-5790.

Deborah Hale, CCS, President, Administrative Counseling Services, Shawnee, OK. Telephone: (405) 878-0118.

Bruce Harber, CEO and President, North Shore Health Region, North Vancouver, BC. Telephone: (604) 984-3841. Telephone: (630) 792-5000.

Martin Merry, MD, Health Care Quality Consultant, Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy, University of New Hampshire, Exeter, NH. Telephone: (603) 778-1531.

Eugene C. Nelson, DSc, MPH, Paul Batalden, MD, Dartmouth Medical School. Telephone: (603) 650-5000.

Sue Prophet, Director of Classification and Coding, American Health Information Management Association, Chicago. Telephone: (312) 233-1160.

Steven Shea, RHIA, MBA, senior consultant, Sheasp Healthcare Consulting, Winchester, MA. Telephone: (781) 756-1701. Web site: