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Pritchett & Hull Associates in Atlanta recently released several new patient education materials. To order the materials described below, contact Pritchett & Hull, 3440 Oakcliff Road N.E., Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30340-3079. Telephone: (800) 241-4925. Web site:

  • A Stronger Pump: A Guide for People with Heart Failure. This 40-page booklet is based on the latest disease management guidelines. The book uses a low reading level and colorful illustrations to cover the following issues:
    • — recognizing and controlling heart failure symptoms;

      — medications;

      — rest, exercise, and stress management;

      — limiting fluids;

      — other ways to improve heart function and other heart failure treatments;

      — cardiac tests, heart transplants, and left-ventricular assistive devices;

      — causes of heart failure.

    In addition, the booklet includes an easy-to-use information sheet and medicine chart to personalize for each patient. The wholesale cost to health care professionals is $3.75 plus shipping and handling. All orders have a $30 minimum with quantity discounts available.

  • Pulmonary tear pads. These 8½- x 11-inch double-sided tear sheets come 50 sheets to a pad. The sheets are colorful and include easy-to-use instructions to help patients with chronic lung disease breathe easier and feel better. Topics covered include:
    • — pulmonary rehabilitation;

      — pursed-lips breathing;

      — postural drainage;

      — controlled coughing;

      — incentive spirometer use.

    The cost is $10 for a tear pad of 50 sheets plus shipping. All orders have a $30 minimum with quantity discounts available. Samples of the tear sheets can be viewed on-line at