CM caseloads: How much is too much?

American Health Consultants, publisher of Case Management Advisor, and the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) in Little Rock, AR, are collaborating on a unique caseload survey. Case managers in both the payer and provider settings will be surveyed as we investigate the secrets of setting and managing appropriate caseloads across the care continuum. Look for more information in future issues of CMA and its sister publications, including Hospital Case Management, on the American Health Consultants Web site at and on CMSA’s Web site at

Just what are we talking about, anyway?

The new era of using technology to link patients and providers has created its own vocabulary. Joan Bristow, RN, MA, vice president of risk management at The Doctors’ Company, a health care professional liability insurer in Napa, CA, says that whether you choose to call your method telemedicine or e-health, most of the products and services fit into one of these descriptions:

  • use of technology to link providers and patients in geographically dispersed areas;
  • real-time transfer of medical information from facilities of lesser medical capabilities to facilities with greater capabilities;
  • use of two-way video to connect a provider in one location with a patient in another location;
  • transfer of health information over a telecommunication network;
  • audiovisual recording of health care interventions, either by the health care provider or by the patient/family.