TJC publishes patient and worker safety monograph

The Joint Commission (TJC) has released a free monograph, “Improving Patient and Worker Safety: Opportunities for Synergy, Collaboration and Innovation,” to draw attention to the need to create a culture that focuses on the safety of patients and the healthcare workers who care for them.

The monograph contends that high rates of injuries and illnesses among healthcare workers serve as a warning that the healthcare environment as a whole must be transformed to improve safety. The monograph highlights examples of healthcare organization practices that address patient and worker safety simultaneously and the benefits and potential cost savings attained through collaboration between employee and patient safety departments. The monograph also identifies functional management systems and processes, strategies and tools that have been used to successfully integrate health and safety activities.

The monograph explores high reliability in healthcare organizations and the benefits to improving safety for patients and workers. It describes barriers to recognizing and addressing patient and worker safety issues and suggests strategies to overcome them and make safety a priority. In addition, the monograph recommends action steps that healthcare organizations can take to improve safety for patients and workers, as well as topics for future research.

Copies of “Improving Patient and Worker Safety: Opportunities for Synergy, Collaboration” and Innovation can be downloaded at