Leapfrog responds strongly to AHA accusations

When the American Hospital Association (AHA) criticized The Leapfrog Group for its patient safety scoring methodology, Leah Binder, president and CEO of The Leapfrog Group, struck back. Here is an excerpt from the letter she sent in response:

“With regard to the idea that Leapfrog deliberately manipulated data: this is a very serious charge for you to make without offering a single example to support it. We will launch a full investigation of any such example should you find one. You can also investigate this for yourself, as Leapfrog is transparent and makes 100% of the data used to calculate each hospitals safety score available to the public at HospitalSafetyScore.org.

“The fact AHA would level this charge against Leapfrog, which has an unrivaled record for integrity and a panel of experts and advisors second to none, suggests you are expressing something beyond sincere concerns about the methodology. So to be clear on the issue of “manipulation of data”: disappointing though many of these grades may be to many of your member hospitals, Leapfrog, along with our expert advisors, members, advocates, and supporters, did not make these scores up. The Hospital Safety Score grades reflect real problems threatening the lives of people who depend on America’s hospitals.

“We urge you to address those problems quickly.”