Groups to help patients with safety

The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) and the Cautious Patient Foundation have announced a collaboration to help patients avoid diagnostic errors in their own care.

The Cautious Patient Foundation has committed to providing substantial grant support to SIDM to raise awareness of diagnostic error as a significant patient safety issue and create training and tools to empower patients to avoid these errors. As part of this collaboration, SIDM will be working closely with the Cautious Patient Foundation to facilitate development of SIDM patient-directed programming and engagement.

SIDM is an independent, nonprofit organization devoted to making diagnosis accurate, timely, efficient, and safe. SIDM unites the many stakeholders impacted by diagnostic error, including patients, clinicians and their healthcare colleagues, health systems, payers and risk managers. SIDM spurs collaborative efforts to improve the quality of the diagnostic process while reducing errors and unnecessary healthcare costs. Through outreach, dialogue, research and education, SIDM sets the quality and safety agenda for improving diagnosis.

The Cautious Patient Foundation provides services to encourage patients to cooperatively engage with their doctors and participate in their own healthcare for best results.