This month: Best cost-saving tips from your peers

This month's issue is one of the most awaited issues of the year: our annual cost containment issue. We offer extensive information, including real-life examples, on how to save money by reducing routine preop tests. We tell you how another facility reduced surgical site infections and other costly problems with two cost-effective tools. This month's issue also includes a story on how one surgery center is targeting increases in medical premiums with a wellness program. Another shares how an annual meeting with its bank paved the way for several cost savings, including a 3% reduction in its loan interest rates. Our columnist Stephen W. Earnhart offers some cost-saving tips, but he also suggests where you should stop these efforts. Finally, we offer you a collection of free sources on sleep apnea, bloodborne pathogens, reprocessing, privacy training, and an OR medication safety.

We hope you enjoy this special issue of Same-Day Surgery.