Tips for OSHA Compliance

• Make sure you have proper spill kits for hazardous materials in your facility. Train employees about how to handle spills of formaldehyde, because that spill is considered an emergency exposure.

• Ensure you have a blood spill kit, and make sure your staff members have been educated on it.

• Look at your facility to determine where there are dangers of falling, such as in the OR. Most ORs have smooth vinyl floors, but textured floors can be twice as expensive. The advantage is that nurses can run on it and not fall.

• If your center uses stepladders to reach items that are stored high, make sure the ladders have the proper feet so they don’t slide.

• Determine whether you have made hand hygiene easy for your employees. For example, can employees easily reach items they need?

• In terms of infection control, conduct surveillance by looking and watching. Hand hygiene programs aren’t enough.

Source: Beverly Kirchner, BSN, RN, CNOR, CASC, president, Genesee Associates, Dallas.