Educational materials for better breast health

Several educational resources are available through Columbia, SC-based Educare to help provide the information women need for breast health. These include the following books written by Judy C. Kneece:

Your Breast cancer Treatment Handbook.

This book contains information to help breast cancer patients understand the disease, treatments, and recovery process. It is designed for the newly diagnosed patient. The cost is $21.95.

Helping Your Mate Face Breast Cancer.

This book provides the partners of breast cancer patients with a wide array of information needed to get through this health care crisis. Topics covered include dealing with the patient’s emotions and restoring the sexual relationship. The cost is $12.95.

Finding a Lump in Your Breast.

This book empowers women helping them to become an educated partner in monitoring their breast health. It includes a glossary of medical terms and a description of benign breast diseases. The cost is $14.95.

Solving the Mystery of Breast Pain.

This book provides details for identifying the cause of breast pain, lists 410 medications that may contribute to breast pain, and provides information on how to reduce or stop the pain. The cost is $7.95.

Solving the Mystery of Breast Discharge.

This book offers proactive steps for management of breast discharge, describes normal and abnormal discharges and gives details on identifying the type of discharge, and provides ways that may reduce or stop breast discharge. The cost is $7.95.

These materials can be ordered on-line at or by calling (800) 849-9271. n


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