New web page launched for HIV drug deliberations

The FDA has developed a web page to consolidate records of advisory committee meetings related to HIV/AIDS and associated conditions, making them easier to access.

The new page, which lists HIV/AIDS-related advisory committee meetings held since 1996, indexed by topic and by year, can be found at:

The page is linked from the main HIV/AIDS page at

The page contains records of meeting held by advisory committees related to drugs, biologics, and medical devices, and will be updated to reflect availability of records of future meetings. Most records contain a variety of documents, such as the meeting announcement, committee rosters, briefing materials, which often contain background materials and slides, and transcripts of the meetings.

Topics include consideration of new drug applications, regulatory policy issues, and trial design topics.

The page also contains a link to the main FDA Advisory Committee page for other resources and topics related to FDA advisory committee meetings.