Sample protective equipment list

Level B chemical-resistant suit with hood (8)
Nitrile gloves (1 box each in small, medium, and large)
Latex and vinyl gloves (1 box each in small, medium, and large)
Chemical boots
Goggles (12)
Face mask with splash shield (1 box)
Linen cart with gowns, blankets, and towels
Absorbent pad (1 box)
Zip-lock bags for patients’ personal belongings (1 box)
Trauma shears (for cutting victims’ clothing) (6)
Irrigation equipment:
For eyes: normal saline (NS) IV bags with tubing (3); Morgan lenses (1 box)
For wounds: NS irrigation bottles, Toomey syringes, basins, splash shields (3)
For ears: (same as irrigation for wounds)
For mouth: Toomey syringe or drinking glass
For nose: saline-soaked cotton swabs
pH paper
Hospital scrubs for clothing substitute (4)
Spill socks
HEPA masks (12)
Waterproof diapers (Chux) (1 box)
Managing Hazardous Materials Incident Manual
3M 7800S full-face piece respirator (6)
3M 60926 multigas cartridge (18)
Decontamination Supplies
Plastic HazMat bags (to contain and transport contaminated clothing) (35 gallon and 55 gallon bags)
Open-head salvage drums (55 gal on dollies x 4) (35 gal drums on dollies x 1)
Mild soap for decontamination (liquid soap)
Long-handle brushes and nail brushes (12)
Sponges for decontamination (12)
Duct tape (6 rolls)
Plastic sheeting 20' x 100''
Plastic fold-up sawhorse (2)
Garden hose (3)
Nose nozzles, wand, and short brass (1 each)
Hazard cones (6)
5-gallon buckets (4)
Bleach (3 gallons)
Sump pump (1)
Source: St. John NorthEast Community Hospital, Detroit.