3 ways to track follow-up calls

Here are three effective ways to document that follow-up calls were made, recommended by Laura J. Roepe, RN, MA, CEN, quality systems analyst at United States Surgical/Tyco Healthcare and former administrative manager of the ED at Norwalk (CT) Hospital:

1. The actual chart can be pulled and a note made on the chart indicating a follow-up phone call was made.

2. A logbook can be kept with all pertinent information related to the follow-up call. This is useful because other staff can note in the book those patients they wish to be called back, regardless of whether they meet the diagnosis/symptom criteria, says Roepe.

3. A database can be made specifically for call-backs. The database can be linked to the registration system and automatically pull out the patients who meet the criteria for a call-back and have it ready for the next day, says Roepe.

The call then is entered into the computer. All attempts at calls are also logged into the computer. There are two attempts made on two consecutive days to contact the patient.