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Hopkins guide to AIDS care now available

The 10th edition of Medical Management of HIV Infection is available from the Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins AIDS Service.

What started out as a 28-page booklet in 1991 has grown to a 356-page book with more than 260 pages devoted to anti-HIV therapy and treatment of opportunistic infections and complications.

The increase from 28 pages to 356 pages reflects the revolution in AIDS medical care over the past 10 years," says John G. Bartlett, MD, who co-authored the book with Joel E. Gallant, MD, MPH.

"We started out with just a few lab tests and a few antiretroviral drugs that didn’t work for more than a year. AIDS and HIV infection is no longer a death sentence. Now it can be treated as a chronic, manageable disease," Bartlett says.

Bartlett has been chief of the Infectious Disease Services at Johns Hopkins since 1980. Medical Management of HIV Infection is available for $8 through the Johns Hopkins AIDS Service web site,