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Matrix helps turn denials into cash

Information is power when it comes to tracking the reason — correct or not — given by specific payers for why they turned down your claim.

But building a simple matrix can be an easy way to gather intelligence about denial patterns that you can then use to prevent future claim denials.

On the left side of a piece of paper, list all the different kinds of denials your practice receives. At the top of the chart, list all the payers you work with.

Where a type of denial and payer name coincide, write down a set of initials for the action that needs to be taken. For instance, write CAR (correct and resubmit) for denials due to miscoding, incomplete information, and other mistakes that affect just one claim. You can also color-code this section.

With this information, you can now track what types of denials each payer tends to make and why — and then act to correct these problems.

Tip: Consider setting up a separate column for denials that were turned into approvals.