Sample learning objectives

For preceptor class:

  • Identify five characteristics of adult learners.
  • List the four steps for giving effective feedback.
  • Define the four stages of orientation transition.
  • List eight points to remember when teaching clinical skills.
  • List three disadvantages and three advantages of precepting.

For ED nursing clinical practice:

  1. The ED nurse will correctly differentiate between electrocardiogram recordings of first-, second-, and third-degree heart blocks.
  2. The ED nurse will correctly calculate the infusion rate of weight-based intravenous medications using a hand-held calculator.
  3. The ED nurse will compare and contrast the electrocardiogram findings associated with anterior, lateral, posterior, and inferior wall myocardial infarctions.
  4. The ED nurse will prepare a prioritized nursing action plan for the pediatric patient admitted with status asthmaticus.
  5. The ED nurse will correctly select those patients who are safe for discharge, post conscious sedation.

Source: Objectives for preceptor class: Good Samaritan Hospital, Puyallup, WA. Objectives for ED nursing clinical practice: Patti R. Zuzelo, EdD, RN, CS, Assistant Professor at La Salle University School of Nursing, Philadelphia.