Emergency preparedness good stress buster

Terrorist attacks on America increased the level of stress for many people, making them feel vulnerable. However, people can reduce their amount of stress by exerting a measure of control according to the American Red Cross. They suggest that families develop a disaster plan. This plan should include selecting an out-of-town contact who family members can telephone or e-mail after a disaster so if they become separated, it will be easier to find out if everyone is all right. It also is a good idea to establish a predetermined meeting place. A disaster supply kit that can be quickly grabbed during an evacuation should contain special-needs items such as medications and copies of important family documents. It might also contain first-aid supplies, a change of clothing, food, bottled water, and bedrolls for each family member. For more complete instructions, have consumers call their local chapter of the Red Cross and ask for the brochure titled "Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit" (stock number A4463).