Reports From the Field: Web site offers personalized information on heart diseases

Patients with coronary artery disease and heart failure can get personalized treatment information on the Internet at the Heart Profile web site, a joint project of the American Heart Association and NexCura Inc.

The Heart Profiler matches an individual patient’s clinical profile, including diagnosis and test results, to peer-reviewed clinical research studies and offers treatment options, including descriptions of side effects and questions patients can discuss with their health care providers.

Patients also can read summaries of significant peer-reviewed studies that relate to their clinical condition. The tool is designed to help them make decisions about their treatment options.

The web site also includes professional tools that enable physicians to evaluate scientific literature based on patient case modeling methods.

The Heart Association plans to make the Heart Profilers available through the web sites of academic medical centers, hospitals, managed care organizations, physicians, and major health portals as well as at its web site,