What Makes Workers Want to Stay on the Job?

The consequences of labor problems often show up in employee health: streams of new employees who need to be trained and oriented; injured workers who were on a short-staffed unit; and stress-related symptoms that lead to absenteeism.

According to the Healthcare @Work survey by The Loyalty Institute of Aon Consulting in Miami, seven key factors lead to greater commitment on the part of employees:

  1. The quality of management and supervision in place at the organization.
  2. The satisfaction employees receive from the work they do every day.
  3. The organization’s effort to build a sense of spirit and pride.
  4. The organization’s effort to create a stress-free environment.
  5. The opportunities for personal growth provided by doing the job.
  6. The adequacy of staff load in the organization.
  7. The organization’s effort to provide pay and benefits that meet expectations.