Bioterror tips for running a tabletop


Planners of a recent bioterrorism tabletop exercise in Columbus, OH, offered the following tips for participants in the exercise:

  • The scenario is plausible, and events occur as they are presented.
  • There are no hidden agendas or trick questions.
  • All players receive information at the same time.
  • There is not a "textbook" solution. Varying viewpoints and possible disagreements are anticipated.
  • Respond based on your knowledge or current plans and capabilities.
  • Current agency or department policies and procedures should not limit discussion and development of key decisions.
  • The outcome is neither intended to set precedents or reflect an organization’s final position on specific issues.
  • Assume cooperation and support from other responders and agencies.
  • Speak up! Talk to your colleagues and ask questions. This is your chance to learn how other agencies in your community would respond in an emergency.