Know the answers to these questions

A new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) hospital inspection initiative includes the following questions for employee health professionals regarding prevention of transmission of infections to health care workers. The tool includes these interview questions:

Objective: Evaluate the infection prevention/control program activities regarding prevention and control of infections and communicable disease related to health care personnel (HCP).

1. Tell me how HCP are trained in infection control systems, processes, practices, strategies?

(How often? Competency assessments? Documentation? )

2. Tell me about the hospital system for identifying and addressing employee exposure events including blood‐borne pathogen exposure events, needle‐sticks, and other sharps incidents.

3. Tell me about the hospital system for addressing employee post exposure evaluation and follow up.

4. Tell me about the hospital system for tracking and trending HCP infection exposure events.

5. Tell me about the system in place for providing Hepatitis B vaccine to HCP? What HCP are excluded? Are non-paid HCP screened?

6. Tell me about the system in place for screening and addressing TB.

7. Tell me about the system in place for respirator fit testing and storage/availability of respirator equipment.

8 Are HCP offered annual influenza vaccine and does the hospital track success rates for HCP who get the vaccine?

9 Tell me about infection prevention/control training process for non‐paid staff, environmental staff, and clinical staff, i.e. how often, how much is covered, and are competencies assessed and documented in personnel files or elsewhere?

[Editor's note: The draft CMS survey tool is available at]