Targeting individual RNs improves performance

The ED at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale, MN, has been able to increase the percentage of criteria’ blood draws from 31% to 41% — one of the keys to slashing lab specimen turnaround time. But since only a specific percentage of patients meet the criteria at any given time, how is that possible?

"Our efforts have been directed at improving individual RN utilization of the criteria-based blood draw system," explains Maribeth Woitas, RN, BSN, director of emergency services.

An individual profiling is conducted to let each nurse know his or her performance in relation to the departmental and shift percentages, after which they are sent a letter that says one of the following:

  • You are doing a great job. We appreciate your assistance to improve our turnaround times.
  • You are at departmental performance. Please review your practice to see if there are other appropriate times that you could be initiating a criteria-based blood draw.
  • Please review your practice, as you are below our averages and we are requesting your compliance with this process.

"The individual feedback process has had the greatest impact on improving overall departmental compliance with the criteria-based blood drawing process," Woitas notes.

"Prior to this process, we posted departmental and shift information with little impact or response," she adds.