STI Quarterly

Check out exchange site for chlamydia resources

Be sure to visit the Chlamydia Resource Exchange (CRE),, a web-based resource library that provides access to high-quality, accurate, multimedia public awareness and education materials on chlamydia and other sexual health issues.

The CRE was developed by the National Chlamydia Coalition to reduce the high rates of chlamydia and its harmful effects among sexually active adolescents and young adults. Providers can search for, view, and download customizable public awareness and educational materials, as well as share resources via the site's easy-to-use upload process.

A featured item is "Reducing Adolescent Sexual Risk," a 160-page guidebook that helps health professionals design, adapt, and select curriculum-based programs to effectively address critical factors that affect teens' sexual decision making. The guidebook is geared toward program planners, policymakers, district administrators, and leaders at youth-serving organizations.