Identify internally, and outsource follow-up

At Harris Health System in Houston, patient access staff identify patients who fall into the category of self-pay or under insured, but the completion of the application and follow-up is outsourced, reports Veronica Rodriguez Patricio, audit, appeals, quality assurance, and training manager for eligibility and registration services.

“We provide this service at no additional cost,” Patricio says.

Here is how the process works:

• Financial counselors screen all self-pay inpatients for third-party coverage.

• The financial counselors assist the patients deemed potentially eligible for third-party coverage with completing the necessary forms, and they tell them what information is needed to complete the application.

• Harris Health System contracts with onsite caseworkers from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission who process all Medicaid applications for inpatients.

“In addition, we have the eligibility department that screens clients for our charity program, Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program [CHIP], CHIP Perinatal, and Title V,” says Patricio.