Surveyors may ask this list of questions

Below are examples of questions used to prepare registrars at Catholic Health Initiatives facilities in Nebraska for surveys by The Joint Commission:

• What performance measures are collected and assessed in your area? Examples are registration accuracy rates and productivity monitoring.

• How often are your departmental policies and procedures reviewed? Patient access policies and procedures are updated every three years, or sooner if a procedure changes.

• How do patients receive their rights and responsibilities? The patient rights and responsibilities are posted in all registration areas and are offered in writing to all patients or upon their request.

• What is your role in identifying if a patient has an advanced directive? At the time of registration, the patients or personal representatives are asked if they have advanced directives in the form of living wills or a durable powers of attorney for healthcare.

• How does a patient know where and how to file a complaint? The information to file a complaint is listed in the Rights and Responsibilities brochure that is provided to a patient upon registration.

• How does the hospital demonstrate respect for the patient's right to privacy and confidentiality? For patient access, we register patients in a private registration office. We maintain patient confidentiality by keeping voices low when others can hear, we knock before entering a room, and we also abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations.