Registrar isn't up to par? Ask this

Have a staff mentor assist

Is an employee simply unable to keep up with the workload? Or is the employee simply not suited to working in a department where expectancy of service excellence is a requirement?

These are the two questions Cynthia Norman-Bey, director of patient access services and the PBX (private branch exchange) Call Center at Glendale (CA) Adventist Medical Center, asks if she notices a particular patient access employee is struggling with the skills required.

"Everyone learns differently and at their own pace," Norman-Bey says. "We make allowances for what we believe to be challenges with learning. We start them off slowly and ask others in the department to assist them whenever needed."

It helps that some of employees who now act as mentors were struggling at one point in time themselves, she adds. "So far, this method has helped build teamwork and not resentment. This is because out of the staff that is assisting, there is at least one or two of them that started out the same way," Norman-Bey explains.

However, no supervisor can afford to continue to support an employee who simply can't provide excellent service, she says.

"If your business revenue is to continue to grow, then maintaining a service excellence reputation is critical to that success," she says. "Any employee that cannot support that criteria should be counseled out of the position."