CME Objectives

Upon completion of this educational activity, participants should be able to:

  • describe new findings in the differential diagnosis and treatment of various diseases;
  • describe the advantages, disadvantages and controversies surrounding the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease;
  • identify cost-effective treatment regimens;
  • explain the advantages and disadvantages of new disease screening procedures.

CME Questions

1. Grape resveratrol therapy appears to:

a. have no effect on the primary prevention of human CVD.
b. complement and improve the gold standard primary prevention therapy (i.e., statin therapy, exercise, diet, etc.) of CVD.
c. be safer and more effective than statin therapy in the primary prevention of CVD.

2. Which one of the following is correct with regard to the OraQuick test for diagnosis of HIV infection?

a. A blood specimen is required for its use.
b. It reliably detects antibodies to HIV within days after infection.
c. The false-positive rate is less than 0.1%.
d. False negatives are less common than false positives.