Critical Path Network: Privacy Checklist

The emergency department staff at Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon are regularly inserviced on the following instructions to ensure patient privacy:

  • Do not share any information with friends or family members of the patient or other employees that do not have a need-to-know to adequately perform their job.
  • Do not attempt to access any information on
    a patient that you do not have a need-to-know for your job.
  • Do not have discussions about patients in hallways, elevators, the cafeteria, or outside the organization while off-duty.
  • Do not use your code to look up information for anyone else. They should have their own code that allows them access they need.
  • Always log off before leaving a workstation unattended.
  • Never share your password with others or allow them to use a workstation logged on with your password.
  • Never take any information outside the organization, including photocopies, printed pages, or faxed pages.
  • Use cover sheets on all charts and clipboards.