AAASC creates new state advocacy program

The American Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (AAASC) has announced a new state advocacy program in collaboration with state associations, corporate ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), and allied national organizations.

The program will assist surgery centers in states considering measures such as restrictions on physician ownership, provider taxes, and onerous certificate-of-need and licensure requirements. "First and foremost, we want the ASC industry to be well known and well regarded and protected at the state level," says Craig Jeffries, Esq., executive director of AAASC.

The program will have an operational plan for grass-roots relationship building between the state ASC association (and its members) with the state elected officials, Jeffries says. "Second, we will identify legislation that would help ASCs and also reinforce the value of ASCs," he says.

This program allows AAASC and state associations to develop a positive, proactive state agenda, rather than responding to anti-ASC measures, Jeffries says.

"What we’re trying to do is create an infrastructure that supports the state association lead and allows us to intervene and help," he says. The new program will be led by Adam Dickson, state advocacy manager for AAASC.