Cataract study documents benefits of preparation

The fifth in a series of Cataract Extraction with Lens Insertion best practices studies recently released by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Institute for Quality Improvement (AAAHC Institute) shows that more intensive staffing and patient education can reduce the amount of time patients spend in the facility.

Seventy-one ambulatory surgery organizations participated in the study, and annual cataract extraction volume for these organizations ranged from 200 to 8,777 procedures.

Organizations that experienced the shortest pre-procedure times were those where the pre-op team reviewed procedures with patients well before the day of the procedure so the time devoted to the admission process was greatly reduced.

Other findings include:

• The median actual procedure time was 14 minutes. Those organizations with the shortest procedure times attributed the abbreviated time to standardized instruments, procedures, supplies, and equipment.
• New data gathered this year found that 47, or more than half the organizations included in the study, reported that they use more than one operating room per surgeon.
• More than two-thirds of the organizations studied standardize instrumentation for all of their physicians who perform this surgery.

[Editor’s note: For more on this study, contact the AAAHC Institute at (847) 853-6060 or send a fax to (847) 853-9028. To purchase copies, go to, choose "education programs and products," then select "products." The cost of the study for organizations that did not participate is $50.]