ED Accreditation Update

Joint Commission follow-up is under way

After receiving input from several medical organizations and other interested parties during a Sept. 25, 2007, summit on medication reconciliation, The Joint Commission is digesting that feedback and crafting a response.

"What we do following these summits is create a summary document to make sure we have captured the essence [of the feedback] and distribute it to the attendees to make sure we have their input described accurately," explains Peter Angood, MD, vice president and chief patient safety officer at The Joint Commission. At press time, that process was scheduled to be completed by the end of January, according to Angood.

"Then, with all the feedback and suggestions we will make our own suggested changes to refine and clarify the document," he says.

This phase, Angood explains, is part of The Joint Commission's annual field review of potential National Patient Safety Goals, which is conducted via Internet-based surveys. "Following input from the field review, we will review the responses, further refine them, and then show them to our Sentinel Event Advisory Group," says Angood. "Then, we will come out with our new goals." Those goals usually are published by early summer.

If ED managers are interested in staying on top of these developments, "I would encourage them in February to go to The Joint Commission web site, www.jointcommission.org, and participate in the National Patient Safety Goal field review, which will still be open," says Angood. He says that information on participation usually is provided in a banner at the top of the home page.