New methods included in interactive program

Women can get an on-line idea of what contraception options might best fit their lifestyle and health profile by using an updated interactive program found at the Washington, DC-based Association of Reproductive Health Professionals’ (ARHP) web site,

The program, Choosing a Birth Control Method, provides information about all Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive options and gives users recommendations on which methods may be best suited for them. Click on the program title to activate the program.

The updated program includes information on both the Evra contraceptive patch (Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical, Raritan, NJ) and the NuvaRing contraceptive vaginal ring (Organon, West Orange, NJ). Choosing a Birth Control Method replaces ARHP’s previous interactive program, Successful Contraception. The tool is composed of 20 questions regarding lifestyle choices and medical history, and is designed to be completed in about five minutes. Once the questions are anonymously submitted, the user receives a list of possible contraceptive options. The tool also provides a general description, effectiveness rates, side effects, and the approximate cost for each method.

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