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May 1, 2019

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  • Measles Outbreaks Put EDs, Other Frontline Providers on Heightened Alert

    Measles was declared all but finished as recently as 2000. However, the disease has re-emerged in the wake of declines in the number of people receiving vaccinations against it. With hundreds of reported cases in more than a dozen states, the disease is a significant concern for EDs because of the highly contagious nature of measles.

  • ‘Purposeful Rounding’ Mixes Security, Clinical Teams to Help De-Escalate Tense Situations

    Concerned about upticks in workplace violence in healthcare settings across the country, SSM Health has implemented “purposeful rounding,” a concept designed to strengthen communications and feedback between security personnel and clinicians on hospital units. Administrators describe the approach as a culture change but one that is well-received by clinicians in some of the most vulnerable units such as the ED, neonatal ICU, and behavioral health.

  • Consider Potential for Drug-Drug Interactions When Prescribing New Medication

    The results of a new study show that 38% of patients discharged from the ED at a large, academic emergency center experienced at least one drug-drug interaction resulting from a new medication prescribed at discharge. Even though this was a small study, investigators noted that the findings suggest emergency clinicians should familiarize themselves with the most common interactions highlighted and carefully consider the potential for adverse reactions when writing new prescriptions for patients upon discharge from the ED.

  • Data Show Progress Has Stalled on Staph Bloodstream Infections

    New findings from the CDC show that while hospital infection prevention efforts have successfully reduced the rates of staph bloodstream infections in recent years, this progress has apparently stalled. There is a concern that healthcare providers may be backsliding in their activities and focus regarding infection control.