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February 1, 2011

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  • Glucosamine Sulfate for Osteoarthritis

    Glucosamine sulfate continues to grow in popularity as a treatment for osteoarthritis. Global sales reached almost $2 billion in 2008, an increase of 60 percent over the previous five years.
  • Now How Much Vitamin D and Calcium Should We Take?

    An evaluation of medical research by the IOM establishes new RDAs for vitamin D (600-800 IU) and calcium (700-1300 milligrams).
  • Symptoms and Asymptote: Echinacea and Colds

    The results of this well-done study suggest that a specific formulation of echinacea may offer modest benefit to people with the common cold, but that such benefit is statistically, and likely clinically, insignificant. Data from the trial relating to physician-patient interaction and clinical response have yet to be published.
  • An Honest Response — Placebos and IBS

    Findings of this ground-breaking randomized controlled trial suggest that patients with irritable bowel syndrome who receive treatment with placebo tablets, and who are fully aware that they are taking a placebo, have significantly greater relief of symptoms compared with patients who receive no treatment at all. Accessing the placebo effect may not require deception at all.
  • Should Everyone Be on Fish Oils?

    Marine n-3 PUFAs act as pleiotropic agents on the cardiovascular system with a diverse range of effects most of which are beneficial for patients with known cardiovascular disease and possibly, they may even have beneficial effects with regard to the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.